OSN’s Octagain



OSN’s Octagain contains a proprietary blend of protein, creatine, carbohydrates, and natural herbs designed to improve strength, endurance, and muscle recovery. OSN’s Octagain provides the body with an easily digested source of whey protein and essential amino acids that provide the basic building blocks of the body’s muscle tissue. Whey protein has been known to be a rich source of branch chain amino acids (BAAs), which are the first amino acids metabolized for use in muscle synthesis and repair. It has long been noted that whey protein supplementation can assist in the creation and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

In addition, Octagain provides a combination of three creatine compounds that may lead to increased natural creatine stores. Increased creatine stores, which are often depleted during periods of training, may improve muscular endurance, allowing for more sustained and powerful training sessions. In addition, OSN’s Octagain provides a rich source of Methoxy, a powerful compound that is clinically documented to greatly increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, leading to maximized muscle growth.   Clinical studies indicate that those using Methoxy, in conjunction with their training, experience significant gains in lean muscle mass. OSN’s Octagain also contains Glucosamine and MSM for improved joint health. When these ingredients are combined with testosterone enhancing herbs such as Tongkat Ali and growth hormone stimulators such as Deer Antler, OSN’s Octagain may provide the body with the essential supplements needed for the building of a more powerful, leaner body.