OSN’s Octagon Whey Isolate




Your choice of chocolate, vanilla, or chocolate peanut butter.

OSN’s flavored Octagon Whey Isolate provides the body with a rich source of non-fat, lactose-free whey protein for optimal muscle building. It is well known that whey protein is the most desired source of protein for bodybuilders and athletes alike. The chemical properties of whey protein make it more readily usable by the body than other forms of protein, thus leading to increased absorption. Within the whey protein family, whey isolate is the purest source of whey protein on the market. Containing reduced amounts fat and lactose, and being more highly concentrated that other whey protein blends, whey isolate is more easily absorbed by the body and may lead to faster, more efficient muscle building.

OSN’s Octagon Whey Isolate contains 26 grams of pure whey isolate per serving. With its rich chocolate, vanilla, or chocolate peanut butter flavor, OSN’s  flavored Octagon Whey Isolate may be blended into powerful protein shakes, or may be shaken with water or milk to provide your body with a pure source of whey protein. Those desiring the power packed, muscle building benefits of a whey isolate supplement should consider OSN’s flavored Octagon Whey Isolate.