OSN’s Thermo Load



OSN’s Thermo Load is an advanced diet and energy formula containing a proprietary blend of natural herbs and amino acids and is designed to increase the body’s fat burning potential. The active ingredients in OSN’s Thermo Load, including Green Tea and Guarana, have been known to increase metabolic rate and energy levels. In addition, Hoodia Cactus Powder and Banaba may assist in the body’s regulation of blood sugar and assist in the suppression of appetite. Studies also show that L-Theanine has been known to regulate the body’s absorption of Cortisol, a stress produced hormone that leads to increased sugar storage and fat production.

OSN’s Thermo Load is a complex diet formula that provides the body with natural metabolic stimulants needed for maximum fat burning potential. Those seeking to enhance their training by increasing metabolic rate and energy level should consider OSN’s Thermo Load as a supplement to their healthy lifestyle.