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“This makes everything so completely painless.”
– Joca

“Amazing products. I am a fitness model and the OSN Nitro XS is incredible!!!”
– Damon

“As I was once a gym rat in my early adulthood, I was eventually distracted with academic priorities in college and fell astray from my old bodybuilding ways… after graduating, I needed something to help me get back on track FAST and most products wasn’t going to cut it for me. But that was until I saw a young male at the local gym who happened to be ripped, lean, and ABSOLUTELY merciless with the weights and of his methods. His sense of muscular recovery was really in a way, f’in hard to believe, his strength was off the hook, and he was just picking up the ladies, scaring off the boyfriends. I asked him how and he said OSN… and for two months now, my life from there on embarked on a new journey as I am now a true BELIEVER! THANKS OSN!”
– Clyde

“I took the Nitro load during my training camp for my final fight as an ammy and im happy to say i won my third title.  Now as a pro i continue to use this product as it gives me the ability to push hard through intense training camps.”
– Casey “the pretty boy” Watson

“As a professional mixed martial arts fighter, I’m always looking for ways to gain an edge over my opponents.  Nitro Load Xtreme has helped give me the energy I need to push through hard workouts and take me to that next level.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good pre-workout supplement.”
– “G.I.” Jeff Alexander

“Took the Nitro Load and Red Goat samples I was sent in the mail and absolutely loved it. Had the best workouts I’ve had since High School. Can’t wait to try the Nitro Load Extreme!!”
– Jake Holcomb

“I have been using the Nitro Load almost two weeks now an its great. I like that it helps me get through my workouts when im doing my mma training or weight lifting. Great stuff will come back to get more. Thanks OSN!”
– Jack

“I have been using the nitro etreme for about 3 weeks now and have noticed it doesn’t have side effects and it does’nt make me crash .. I only have positive things to say about this product and would reccomend it to anyone.”
– Dalton Mace

“Hey there for you guys at OSN the products are great I have suggested them to my friends and fans as a pro fighter this is the best product that i have ever used keep up the good work.”
– Shane “The Viper” Timberlake

“I just wanted to say thank you for the sample of nitro load. its not like other nitric oxcides I have tried. This is actually the first time I have been using nitric oxcide frequently for my mma training. no xplode used to make me puke and way too jittery. This stuff actually works good for cardiovascular training. Ive been getting that extra boost I need with nitro load. you guys are awesome!”
– Karsten Desario

“Love OSN pre load works great and no hard crash. Thanks OSN”
– Mike Kyle

“I’ve used Nitro load for two weeks now and i have noticed a big difference in my workouts so far. It’s truly a great product and will spread the word.”
– tnduckhunter

“I’m a pro fighter in Florida, and I have tried a lot of different products to push my training harder but nothing compares to thejust go  Nitro load extreme .no shakes ,no jitters ,just go time, its the only thing I suggest for the guys I corner and coach, and for after training at home I gotta say the RED goat makes it a training session at home . good job OSN”
– Coringa Conway

“I used Nitro Load Extreme to help prepare for my MMA fight during the dieting phase of my program and even on a diet as low as 1,100 calories I was not running out of energy training twice a day. Great product, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.”
– John David Reynolds III

“Some of the BEST out there and its no joke. Been taking it for a while now and have no bad things to say about it, it is really the BEST.”
– Fear Them Fight Co.

“i have been using the nitro load for about 2 months now and in the middle of every workout when i feel tired i get this great burst of enegry that just carries me through. It also had me feeling great in the cage for my last fight..
Just wanted to say thanks for a great product”
– Mike Young

“I have been taking Nitro Load for about a week now. I have noticed a huge change in the amount of energy i have during and after my workouts. This product does not give you the jitters or shakes like No-xplode or Jacked or the huge crash after your workout. Nitro Load keeps you going long after your workout. Best preworkout i have ever tried!”
– Josh Kelly

“I had the opportunity to get my hands on NITRO LOAD Extreme and i have to be honest. It works i feel stronger and i feel good after a hard practice. I practice 3 times per day and with ur product i feel good and strong to make it through each practice. I get loads of energy for sure.”
– Elder

“I am using the Nitro load extreme and of all the supplements that i have ever used i will have to say that nothing has come close to giving me the results that OSN nitro load has giving me my strentgh and reps are out the roof i wished i would have found OSN in the beginning love the product that you guys have and i really dont ever see me going anywhere else i have found my home with you guys.”
– Andrew Jewell

“I was one of those who got suckered into paying $70.00 for a one month supply of Force Factor. While I think the product is good I was surfing around the net and found the same formulation for half the price the product is Nitro Load. Anyhow,OSN -Octagon Sports Nutrition (you guys) had basically the same product and worked just as well. Thank you OSN, I will be back for sure.”
– Dean

“I currently use Nitro load extreme this supplement is one of the best I have used so far,what I like the most besides the energy is the focus that it provides you will run out of time to workout before you do energy.”
– Harry Gopaul

“I just want to say that I have tried only 2 of OSn products so far and both seem to be right on with the description.  For example Nitro Load from Octagon Sports Nutrition – OSN® is a powerful muscle building formula, designed specifically to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in the body, resulting in maximum muscle growth, strength, and endurance, along with a continuously pumped physique. If you’re serious about gaining lean muscle mass quickly and naturally, then Nitro Load will no doubt help you achieve impressive results faster. Safe and effective, this formula has been used successfully by thousands of professional and amateur athletes, from fighters to bodybuilders, and is backed by nearly 40 years of research. Known as the muscle’s “cell signaling” molecule, the body naturally produces small amounts of NO, which play a role in oxygen delivery, blood flow, glucose uptake, power output, nutrient delivery, and muscle growth. I have to say that I agree 100% with the details of what this formula can do.  Thank you OSN”
– Dean

“Have tried osn and loved it  and had alot of my people hit you up to try out the best nutriton out in the market. Have been waiting for my free red goat to come in. Tried the pre work out you all sent to me and I’m ready for all you got to give, I stand behind this stuff 100%”
– Jeffrey Clayton

“As a cage fighter and the Current 135lb champion for barbarian fight club i need all the best help in nutrition i can get so i started using OSN and i have to say i will not be using anything but OSN products from now on thank you guys for making a great product and helping me be the best that i can be.”
– Charles Kessinger

“I used Nitro load extreme while training for my last fight. I was able to push harder, last longer and i felt stronger during training camp. I won my fight in 2 minutes of the first round and OSN was definitely a factor. Im looking forward to trying out more products. Thanks guys!”
– Reese Ashe

“This stuff tastes great and WORKS! In less than a week I’ve increased my max weight on the bench from my body weight at 185 lbs. to 215 lbs. and I’ve only just begun. I’m faithful to YOU OSN! Thank you.”
– Roberto Alvarez